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Pheko PM Group is a social agri business we fully exploit the Moringa plant to turn normal food into super foods We aim to manage the whole value chain from the farm to consumable stage developing new bi products of Moringa


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Pheko is a Sotho name for your Solution (Medicinal plant Solution). We fully exploit the medicinal plants and trees to turn normal foods into super foods in order to develop and make available to our market, the high nutritional health and beauty lifestyle products, that have a unique signature packaging and design that apples to the modern day active lifestyles

We pursue total leadership and knowledge sharing in Moringa and other plant-based Nutritional Health and beauty products, to the benefit of our customer's daily Health and Beauty needs

Pheko, has ambition to be one of the biggest global players in the Moringa agro-processing field. Redefining common household consumer goods, and "moringafying" them into super foods, changing the perceptions that Moringa is a health supplement into a tree of life, that can perform wonders with so many multi-benefit layers for the mind, body and soul.

Moringa Benefits


The Moringa Tree has been around for over 5000 years.

Helping people to maintain their good health, to recover from physical and mental problems, It provides the body with the nutrients it needs, to perform the two important functions, nurturing and repairing.


Contains niazimicin, which is a compound that helps to suppresses the development of cancer cells

Helps to protect your liver

Helps treat mood disorder

Helps to protect and nourishes your skin

Moringa Benefits

Helps protect the cardiovascular system

Helps in treating stomach complaints such as stomach disorders, such as constipation, gastritis, and ulcerative colitis.

Contains calcium and phosphorous, which can treat conditions such as arthritis and heal damaged bones

Helps fight against bacterial diseases

Helps in reducing high blood pressure

Helps to protect against kidney disorders, to improving eye health and helps in treating anemia and sickle cell disease.

Helps to treat diabetes


Helps treat asthma

We are not health care professionals but the above benefits are based on research from various sources and testimonies from some of our clients that use our products regularly


Moringa Olive and Garlic Cooking Oil
Pheko 100 Moringa Oil
Moringa Leaf Powder

R60 - 50ml


Best Cooking Oil Ever

Best with eggs, steak, anything you can fry with, it serves that garlic airoma, with the Moringa nature smell, can also be used as part of your basting or marinade, let it simmer in your food and amplify your food into super food

Pheko Team!!!


the best of and for everything

100% Moringa Oil - compressed from Moringa seed and bottles in its purest oil form - best consumed in EVERYTHING!!

you drinking tea - drop a few drops in there, you consume you alcohol - drop a few drops, you buy your favorite fast food - sprinkle some drops on it, you buy your favorite body cream - ADD some drops - even if you are just bored, put some drops on your palms and lick - its your palms after all - to marinade, in gravy, in pap, in chips - drop some....

The Fun Team!!!

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